We make new digital products

that communicate data

Our approach

We believe data is the building material of the modern, 21st-century business. Using lean concepts, we collaborate with internal teams to harness their data and create products that users love. 

Organisations such as the NHS, Google, Nikkei and UEFA choose us to complement their domain knowledge with our experience in data products across many sectors, from equity research to sports entertainment.

Our methods are precise yet flexible, and we deliver real prototypes to be tested by real users. Below is a summary of how we work. Do get in touch to learn more.

Approach: Discovery

Concept development

We start by understanding your unique business, brand and customer needs to build a strong foundation for development. Our methods include:

Approach: Design

Rapid prototyping

You’ll see first prototypes within days. An iterative approach driven by you allows us to quickly develop and test a proof of concept around stakeholder priorities. The process includes:

Approach: Delivery

Design integration

Our transparent working methods ensures that there are no surprises and that your stakeholders are engaged at every step. A tightly integrated, tech-neutral approach ensures we design products to be built, not just to be presented. We are guided by:

About us

The team is led by Max Gadney, Mike Gallagher, Nick Cross and Sabih Ali.


Max founded the company in 2012 after 12 years at the BBC where he led the design of the award-winning BBC News website. He changed how the BBC measured its website as well as commissioning digital projects in BBC Vision. Max especially enjoys the process of understanding a company's unique outlook and offering and how that can be represented in digital products.

Mike is our Design Director. He joined After the Flood from the leading information design firm Dubberly Design Office in San Francisco (working for Amazon, Zite, and Alere) and 3 years teaching design at UPenn, Rutgers, and Yale. He brings a critical visual eye honed at 2x4, with Michael Rock in NYC.

Nick is After the Flood’s Chair, bringing extensive experience in brand strategy consulting, implementation and executive leadership for organisations going through a change in banking, retail, media, arts, culture, and government.

Sabih is our Commercial & Business Development Director. He joins us from a world-leading software and services company, where he oversaw marketing, analytics and user interface design. His degree is in Electronics Engineering and he has a MPhil in Nanotechnology Enterprise. He has further professionalised our pipeline and operations, standardising the best of our tools and approaches to give client projects the maximum time they need to deliver real value. 

We are always on the look out for designers so get in touch if you’d like to work with us.